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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Thunder powers ad personalization and versioning for advertisers, agencies, and publishers across the globe. In 2021 Thunder was acquired by Walmart.
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Products and Services

Creative Management Platform

Creative Management Platform enables marketers to make their marketing organization more efficient by streamlining production and workflow. Thunder offers a WYSIWYG editor, removing the need for coding. Build ads together so they work as a unit, and preview ads to ensure brand compliance.
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Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization tools enable marketers to target customers, across devices while leveraging A/B testing tools to better personalize ads. Recognize customers and prospects across devices and time to consistently customize ads to individuals. Create universal control and experiment groups across devices to figure out true ad impact on sales and brand. Optimize for Omnichannel: Tie creative to online and offline KPIs to drive real business results.
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Experience Measurement

Experience Measurement is an attribution tool tracking offline and online sales. Look back months with persistent IDs instead of cookies. Measure unique reach and excess frequency by person to identify media duplication and validate your digital media plan.
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Thunder Experience Cloud

The Thunder Experience Cloud allows you to personalize, optimize, and connect cross-channel ad experiences for display, video, social, and more. The three components of the Experience Cloud — Creative Management Platform, Dynamic Creative Optimization, and Experience Measurement — work together to unify your digital marketing strategy.
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