Email Advertising

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Email advertising platforms enable marketers to reach new prospects through advertising in third party email channels and newsletters.

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Rocketseed email banners make every employee email an engaging marketing channel. Build your brand, drive traffic and sales… even motivate your staff, all with creative email banner designs. Target, schedule and automate campaigns to always reach the...
Gold Lasso is an email monetization platform to help users maximize revenue and deliver a better advertising experience to subscriber inboxes. Gold Lasso automates the syndication of pay-per-click native advertising in newsletters, and helps monetize...
Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads through more effective channels like email and push notifications. Advertisers save money, publishers keep more of what they earn, and users aren't barraged with annoying and irrelevan...
Powered by the proprietary LiveTags technology, LiveIntent delivers real-time display advertising within email on any device, at the time a message is opened. Fully compatible with all ESPs, LiveIntent provides ad serving, DSP/trading desk and exchan...
Passendo is an in-email advertising solution. It includes features for campaign management, A/B testing, sponsorships, and more.
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