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London, England, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Rocketseed, a privately owned company founded in 2002, is a global provider of Email Media and Marketing Solutions. Email Media helps companies optimize their one-to –one communications to increase sales and web traffic, enhance CRM and gain actionable business intelligence.
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Products and Services

Campaign Management

Rocketseed Campaign Management takes the hassle out of planning, managing and monitoring your email marketing campaigns. With over 15 years’ experience in email marketing management, Rocketseed knows the best features and functionality to use when getting your campaigns to convert, and our dedicated teams in 4 regional offices across the globe are always on-hand to help. From creative design and campaign planning to results reporting and analysis, we work with you to ensure that every stage of your email marketing campaign management is simple, stress free, and delivers exactly the marketing results and ROI you desire.
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Design Services

Rocketseed Design Services will develop designs for you as part of our email marketing campaign services. Rocketseed’s specialist designers are completely results-focused, committed to ensuring that every email signature, banner and newsletter design makes an impact, engages your audience, is easy to navigate and demands action.
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Email Legal Disclaimer

Email Legal Disclaimer enables enterprises to proactively and easily add a disclaimer statement to every email your organization sends. From contracts and copyright to confidentiality and compliance, a simple disclaimer really is a ‘must have’ for your employee email.
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Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters allows marketers to quickly create formatted and targeted newsletters. From drag-and-drop design and dynamic content to precision targeting, data management and reporting, Rocketseed offers the complete email marketing service.
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Email Signature Banners

Rocketseed email banners make every employee email an engaging marketing channel. Build your brand, drive traffic and sales… even motivate your staff, all with creative email banner designs. Target, schedule and automate campaigns to always reach the right audience at the right time. Track every recipient engagement to measure email banner campaign results. Rocketseed puts you in control of email banner campaigns company-wide.
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Email Signatures

Rocketseed’s email signature generator gives you on brand email signatures that are professional, promotional and proven to engage. Consistent, compliant, centrally-controlled, and compellingly-clickable, Signatures are controlled centrally and changes can be applied instantly, enabling you to create, design, manage and control professional email signatures across your business in a few clicks.
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List Builder

Rocketseed List Builder captures every email address from the emails you send and adds them to your database, enabling you to target your new contact prospects with an opt-in introductory newsletter.
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Marketing Automation Integration

Rocketseed adds value at every step in the marketing automation process. Our email marketing tools gather a complete picture of outbound email correspondence between your employees and their customers and prospects. Rocketseed tracks email recipients’ engagement with the banners we add to each email. This can add valuable information to your marketing campaign.
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Reporting & Analysis

Rocketseed email marketing analytics gather data on every branded email you send and every recipient interaction with it, measuring the metrics that matter. Our reporting then makes this data available to you in multiple ways so that you can easily measure performance and mine actionable insights to fine-tune your email branding campaigns to meet your business objectives and drive further ROI.
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Rocketmailer services offer the option of allowing Rocketseed to create and manage your bulk email marketing campaigns and newsletters for you, or for a Rocketseed account manager to train you on our easy-to-use platform so you can manage your bulk email marketing independently.
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Rocketseed offers a variety of training methods to get you up and running on our own email platforms, ensuring that you deliver email that delivers results. Rocketseed has over 15 years’ experience in email, and our experts are well placed to offer you the best of breed advice and training to ensure that your marketers understand how to derive the most value they can from the email marketing channel.
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