In-Game Advertising (IGA)

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In-Game Advertising is served to computer or mobile players involved in a game (and not games created to promote a product). Tools in this category include game-specific intelligent ad serving platforms, ad networks, analytics and in-game purchasing platforms.


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CrossInstall offers a unique approach to mobile game advertising as it combines custom-built playable mobile gaming ads with a programmatic, performance based bidder ensuring the ads hit the right audience. CrossInstall has developed a highly customi...
By Flarie
Flarie is one of the largest entertainment platforms in Sweden and the single largest platform for mobile games. They are building an ecosystem where users can experience a wide range of games and videos, both in the Flarie app and on other places. T...
ironSource is an app distribution platform powered by machine learning, with predictive algorithms to help you connect to users who play for months, not minutes – wherever they are in the world. Leverage ironSource's global direct supply to meet user...
Nativex makes it easy for app and game developers to build an audience and maximize profit. The native ads interspersed throughout the game experience engage players, drawing them deeper into the simulation and giving them a compelling call to action...
RapidFire operates the largest dynamic In-Game Advertising network in the World, specializing in Dynamic In-Game Advertising, Static In-Game Advertising, and Advergaming. Our network is 100% scalable because it operates on a CPM price model. RapidFir...
TreSensa Playable Ads are branded, HTML5-based playable mobile ads that deliver brand messaging while they engage and delight.
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