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Print Media & Newspaper Advertising describes the process of placing paid ads into a variety of printed media including newspapers, magazines, circulars or any kind of specialized printed medium. Companies seeking to advertise in print first determine the targeted demographic or geographic audience. Online tools exist to help businesses of all kinds to place ads in national papers, metro publications, daily newspapers, college newspapers, community newspapers, specialty magazines and more.


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American Classified Services, Inc. offers demographic and geographic targeted print ad placement for small businesses in free publications, Metro publications, daily newspapers, college newspapers, employee recruitment resources, rural and farm publi...
Broadstreet is an ad manager for direct, digital sales, built for and trusted by news and magazine publishers.
The Community Target Program is at the core of the US Newspapers display and classified advertising providing advertisers access to over 6000 newspapers nationwide.
The Magazine Manager is a comprehensive magazine publishing platform that includes a feature-packed CRM, centralized ad order system, digital production & layout, reporting and billing. With The Magazine Manager, magazine publishers get an end-to-end...
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We are a marketplace for booking out-of-home ad spaces at local businesses. We are constantly activating new hyper-targeted ad inventory at local businesses at much lower costs. We eliminate the hassle of finding and communicating with local business...
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