Blockchain for Data Analytics

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Blockchain is a shared, virtual ledger that can record the history of transactions that cannot be altered, offering more reliable analytics reporting. Tools in this category include data analytics platforms and tools with blockchain-enabled analytics. 

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Biotron is a personal data analytics platform on blockchain that provides organizations with business intelligence products using highly-validated user data.
By Blis
The Blis Smart Platform delivers actionable, real-world intelligence with unmatched accuracy, scale and transparency at its core. Derived from vast quantities of mobile location data, the platform provides valuable insights and precision targeting th...
Epixel MLM Software is top MLM providers of web-based MLM software package. It allows your company to control and organize the business with the latest technology and features integrated into your system. The package comes with various marketing plan...
Lucidity has launched a blockchain tool for data analytics. Advertisers can use Lucidity to mitigate issues such as data discrepancy and billing inefficiencies and Lucidity helps them verify these metrics by the million per second.
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