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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Blis has developed a unique mobile location solution capable of serving highly targeted ads via RTB to precisely selected audiences. Launched in 2004, Blis is based in London with nine offices worldwide.
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Products and Services


Audience targets audiences using an advanced combination of real time location data and demographic data.
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Connected ID

Connected ID is a retargeting solution that works cross-device. Agencies and advertisers can target audiences on any device using a combination of previous mobile location and content behavior. Connected ID identifies additional devices that are connected to the same residential IP address, so ads can be served across all screens.
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Path is an advanced retargeting platform. Path empowers agencies and advertisers to target audiences based on their historical behavioral data.
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Play is the first location-powered video advertising product.
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Proximity is a highly accurate geo-fencing platform that allows brands to serve digital ads to mobile devices that come within a certain distance of a defined location.
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