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Business Process Automation platforms automate a series of activities to smooth the function or workflow of an office, business or enterprise. The industries served by the tools in this category include automotive manufacturers, automotive retailers, automotive resellers and those serving the automotive industry.

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With the two decades of expertise in the automotive industry, Gateway Group’s AutoDAP(Automotive Data Accuracy Platform) is a revolutionary Smart Data product which enables Automotive Aftermarket to identify the exact vehicle from the regional Car Pa...
  Compare is a cloud based tool that provides Digital Service solutions to your Clients, Technicians, and Service Writers every step of the way to modernize your auto shop.
CarChat24 is a live chat and texting platform designed to increase leads and boost sales for car dealerships. More than just a simple chat platform, CarChat24 helps new and used car dealers sell more vehicles by converting a higher percentage of webs...
CCC ONE is a complete solution for collision repairers. The Total Repair Platform consolidates all of the critical functions of your business into one application to boost performance, capture more business and reduce costs. From start to finish, CCC...
  Compare Advertising makes it possible to influence consumer demand at every stage of today’s digitally-driven shopping process. Integrated ad campaigns use advanced data-targeting capability to reach likely in-market buyers across paid search, dis...
By Imaweb
Imaweb's integrated platform is a customer journey platform for the automotive industry. You can follow your customer along his purchasing cycle, from vehicle purchase to service.
LotLinx AMP transforms your vehicle detail pages (VDPs) into mobile-optimized pages designed to drive conversions and sell more cars.
LotLinx Photo /AI/ provides high-impact photography for new and used inventory instantly. Use a variety of photo tools to create new ads and enhance existing photographs.
LotLinx Reporting Tools allow users to see exactly how their VINs are turning and optimize digital car advertising campaigns on the fly to meet demand.
SEM /AI/ is an SEO tool for automotive dealerships. It continuously and dynamically optimizes inventory marketing campaigns to account for changing consumer and market trends, marketing each vehicle uniquely.
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