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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Company Overview
Lotlinx provides digital advertising technology to automotive dealers in the US. We created our ground-breaking technology specifically to advantage dealers, empowering them to improve inventory turn rates while eliminating wasted digital ad spend.
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Products and Services

LotLinx AMP

LotLinx AMP transforms your vehicle detail pages (VDPs) into mobile-optimized pages designed to drive conversions and sell more cars.
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LotLinx Photo /AI/

LotLinx Photo /AI/ provides high-impact photography for new and used inventory instantly. Use a variety of photo tools to create new ads and enhance existing photographs.
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LotLinx Reporting Tools

LotLinx Reporting Tools allow users to see exactly how their VINs are turning and optimize digital car advertising campaigns on the fly to meet demand.
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LotLinx SEM /AI/

SEM /AI/ is an SEO tool for automotive dealerships. It continuously and dynamically optimizes inventory marketing campaigns to account for changing consumer and market trends, marketing each vehicle uniquely.
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LotLinx VIN View Optimizer

LotLinx's VIN View Optimizer (VVO) is a digital marketing tool for the auto sales industry. It allows users to identify high converting VINs wasting campaign dollars, promote the VINs that need the most help, lowering DOL, and find the sweet spot and optimize for high ROI.
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LotLinx VIN-Specific Advertising

LotLinx VIN-Specific Advertising is an advertising and sales solution for the auto sales industry. It helps users achieve their vehicle sales goals by connecting active inventory on the lot directly to in-market car buyers searching for them. Your Car Ads link directly to VDPs on your dealership’s website, or to high-conversion LotLinx templates.
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LotLinx VINdrop

VINdrop is a sales solution for the automotive industry that directs a burst of shopper activity to even your most stubborn VINs. VINdrop works by first building custom audiences by detecting behaviors like searching for make, model, year, and ZIP or visiting high intent scoring web pages. It is then able to target only shoppers who are truly in the market to buy.
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