Channel and Partner Contract Management

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Channel and Partner Contract Management tools enable enterprises to streamlined deal capture and data entry for faster, accurate and automated contracts. Tools in this cateory may manage actions taken by any party to the contract.

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Chinsay is an intelligent contract platform that provides streamlined deal capture and data entry to eliminate re-keying. It allows you to create and use proprietary data to see into and across your business and configure workflows to suit your busin...
ConvergePoint Contract Management is a cloud-based solution built on Microsoft SharePoint that helps businesses of all sizes manage the entire contract lifecycle with automated requests, contract creation, review, approvals and reporting. Additionall...
By Juro
Juro is a contract automation platform that empowers legal & business teams to streamline routine contract workflow in one unified workspace. Juro replaces Word, DocuSign, GDrive, GSheets and more to streamline contracts and eliminate bottlenecks.
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