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A data marketplace (or data sharing marketplace) is an online, transactional store that facilitates the buying and selling of data. Usually accessed via cloud services, common data types for sale range from business intelligence and research data to market and demographic data. Consumers include government, analysts, big business, and market intelligence firms. Universities, SMBs, and consulting firms are also major data purchasers.
Source: Snowflake

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Buyer Studio is a self-service, no-code data acquisition solution that enables users of any technical skill level to filter through trillions of rows of data easily and quickly. From dozens of suppliers, Buyer Studio can create and purchase strategic...
The Kochava Collective is the world’s largest independent mobile data marketplace, with more than 3.1 billion profiles that can be activated across all major platforms, networks and DSPs. Kochava created Audience Insights to enable marketers to targe...
We provide a one-stop market database solution for B2B businesses. Unlike traditional data vendors that provide lists, Custom Made Data delivers a complete and accurate market database allowing you to reach every company and business person who matte...
Narrative is a data streaming platform that simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions that hold businesses back from maximizing the success of their most important data-driven initiatives....
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