Audience Analytics

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Direct Mail Audience Analytics tools include data segmentation, persona tools, and the ability to analyze audience demographics or customer aquisition cost.

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AccuBase is a behavioral analytics and buyer persona tool that provides a 360-degree view of customers. With the AccuBase information, marketing professionals can create profiles of customers in order to better segment which advertising message shoul...
By Aprimo
Aprimo Campaign provides Enterprise Campaign Management capabilities from the cloud that allow modern marketers to easily perform deep segmentation on data where it rests (on-premise, hosted, cloud) across multiple sources. These selected and targete...
By Lityx
LityxIQ is an advanced predictive modeling tool designed to help marketers grow their customer base and retain existing customers. LityxIQ can generate models that predict response, churn, or other customer behaviors, leading to better marketing path...
Micronotes Predict is a predictive analytics tool that creates a file containing a score for each customer for each product which is then sent to the financial institution for consumption by email, direct mail, and CRM based marketers.
ProspectVision is a website visitor tracking solution that also builds a rich prospect profile consisting of offline and online engagement with marketing email, direct mail, videos, sales emails, and documents.
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