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Email Intelligence tools provide information about customers (or future customers) based on insights into their behaviors and activities. Intelligence tools may include behavior on your website, apps, or even offline behavior in store.

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Email Insights is a collaborative email service, compatible with any email service provider (ESP), that helps marketers gain insight and intelligence into their email subscribers’ behaviors and activities. Gain a complete picture of email subscribers...
PadiAct analyzes website visitors' behavior details and, based on the history of other customers, estimates how many email leads can be generated per month.
RealityMine’s Audience Measurement Platform (RAMP) incorporates a suite of tools and technologies providing a comprehensive package ideally suited to gaining a deep level of understanding of a target audience. The audience measurement suite comprises...
Siftrock is a reply mail intelligence management platform that creates new insights and leads for email marketers.
TowerData Email Intelligence allows organizations to instantly profile subscribers to improve personalization and segmentation, reactivate dormant subscribers and increase response rates. It allows organizations to get data on 80% of U.S. email addr...
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