Rich Communication Services (RCS)

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Rich Comunication Services (RCS) support Messaging as a Platform (MaaP). RCS product features include two-way and group chat, audio messaging, file sharing, video sharing and location mapping. It is the technology that has evolved out of SMS messaging.

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Android Messages (formerly Google Messenger) is the new and improved messaging client for Android. Google is partnering with global carriers and OEMs to offer a unitifed native messaging client for SMS, MMS and RCS (Rich Communication Services). RCS ...
LinkUs enables teams to complete their tasks in a single location. LinkUs makes it simple and efficient for teams to collaborate, from direct messages to group conversations. It makes tracking progress and following up on tasks simple by providing de...
Summit eCommerce Platform is built with Custom Responsive Design and RCS for an overall better user experience that adapts to desktops, smartphones, tablets and set-top-boxes. Summit eCommerce Platform supports mCommerce, eCommerce, in-App purchases ...
By Voysis
Voysis for Commerce is a voice assistant that lets eCommerce companies use its Voysis-powered voice to enable shoppers to search and buy products using their voices. Using Voysis, shoppers can search for and buy products using their voices. And becau...
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