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This group includes applications for uploading and organizing digital business cards, plastic business cards that transfer contact information by touching a smart phone, and scanners that can make a digital contact list out of a pile of paper business cards. 

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Products is a social networking platform for individuals or businesses. profiles are concise one-page overviews that collect and present a brief bio, URLs for LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social web sites, personal sites, blogs and more. ...
CamCard is a professional business card reader app. It reads business cards, saves them instantly to phone contacts and syncs across smartphones, tablets computers
By Knowee
Knowee Cards is a virtual business card application enabling easy creation of cards using LinkedIn or Facebook, shareable across Android and iOS mobile apps.
MOO offers custom printing of business cards, flyers, postcards, stickers, and more.
PopWings is an NFC-enabled plastic business card. When held against a smart phone, PopWings instantly transfers business card information, completely customizable -- contact details can even get transferred along with product brochure and other docum...
  Compare is a platform to receive referrals from customers or members of the public. allows businesses to maintain a profile on the site, seek out referrals, and to track those leads once received.
Switchit is an all-in-one digital business card application that provides professionals a seamless way to create and share digital business cards on the fly, embed dynamic video or branded graphics and easily follow up with people. Switchit is an ide...
VizCard is a mobile business card that provides a personal mobile optimized URL with key content about a user and organization.
WorldCard is a device that reads paper business cards and transcribes them into a digital contact list. WorldCard knows 16 languages, easily exports business card contacts to other accounts and address books, and is available across a number of platf...
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