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Marketing resource management (MRM) systems promise to enhance marketers' ability to optimize planning, budgeting, collaboration, and asset creation. MRMs in this category assist with content production and process workflows. 

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By Adobe
Adobe Bridge CC gives you centralized access to all the files and assets you need for your creative projects. Organize personal and team assets, batch edit with ease, add watermarks, set centralized color preferences, and even upload your photos to A...
Brand 360 is a brand management platform combined with an influencer community. The platform supports both brand and influencers with tools that can monetize over the discovered connections as well as achieve a high ROI.
Explain Everything is the interactive whiteboard platform that enables teams to collaborate, share, and learn on an infinite canvas. Combine new and existing media, annotations, and text for an engaging, visual story. Record and capture everything on...
GlobalEdit is a digital asset management platform that enables creatives to store and mange visual assets in one system. All creative stakeholders—from photo editor to retoucher—can share a single workspace on GlobalEdit. Managers can define their ow...
By Lingo
Lingo is a tool for building and sharing digital asset libraries like style guides, UI component libraries and photo libraries. Teams use Lingo to establish a shared design language, which automates consistency and increases efficiency.
Mtivity Catalog creates an easy to use online client storefront that facilitates global multi-site production and distribution workflows.
ShotFlow is studio production management software that automates your workflow processes. It is a specialized workflow tool for creating assets at scale, managing the workflow from production planning, to sample management, through capture and post, ...
By Deltek
TrafficLIVE is cloud-based creative management software that improves your business process and drives efficiency and profitability to your agencies. Transform the way your agency focuses on people, profits, clients and the creative process.
By Bynder
Workstream aligns people, tasks and approvals so your creative team can produce eye-popping results with no wasted effort. Workstream is built specifically to enhance the creative workflow – that means it focuses on assets, adapts to the way your tea...
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