Office Resource Management

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Office Management Resource Management tools automate the processes of the in-person or virtual office. Tools may have physical security tools, employee registration, touchless sign-in or capacity-management features.

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C3 Energy Management™ uses machine learning to help enterprises gain visibility into their energy expenditure and prioritize actions to reduce their operational costs. The application leverages advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model buildin...
By Envoy
Envoy Visitors is an automated office resource management tool enabling enterprises to see, via a dashboard, who's visiting an office, when, and why. Envoy Visitors reports instantly if a visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry, and provides to...
By Robin
Robin is a platform for office resource management. Use Robin to plan out physical layouts of offices and to reserve offices and conference rooms for future use. Robin includes a physical distancing tool for planning out the use of commercial and ret...
By Envoy
Envoy Rooms is a facilities-management tool that enables employees to easily find and book the right room. Enterprises can leverage Rooms to get data on rooms usage, and free up unused space so your teams can collaborate whenever and wherever.
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