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Redwood City, California, United States
Company Overview is a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. delivers a comprehensive and proven set of capabilities for rapidly developing, deploying, and operating large scale AI, predictive analytics, and IoT applications for any enterprise value chain in any industry.
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Products and Services

C3 AI Appliance

The C3 AI Appliance™ powered by Intel isfor organizations that need to deploy artificial intelligence applications to analyze massive amounts of data without compromising stringent data governance, compliance, and security requirements. The appliance is preconfigured, integrated, optimized, and certified, combining the market-leading C3 AI Suite and applications with next-generation Hewlett Packard Enterprise integrated systems running Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable Processors for rapid and easy deployment. The C3 AI Appliance enables developers and data scientists to build and deploy enterprise-scale AI and IoT applications to solve previously unsolvable business problems including money-laundering prevention, predictive maintenance, dynamic inventory optimization, AI-driven CRM, and precision-health delivery, across industries such as financial services, mining, oil & gas, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, energy, and the public sector. The C3 AI Appliance is designed to operate with the ease, flexibility, and scale of a dedicated private cloud. It is a fully integrated system that includes compute and storage resources for rapid deployment and scalability, and provides robust development, test, and production capabilities for enterprise-scale AI and machine learning applications.
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C3 AI ESG is an application that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable companies to monitor, report, and improve their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance. C3 AI ESG reduces the time required to gather, manage, and analyze disparate ESG data, and allows companies to identify ESG risks, capture opportunities, and accelerate initiatives to meet their ESG goals.
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C3 AI Reliability

C3 AI Reliability is a predictive insights solution for critical assets and systems. Reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset availability, and increase safety.
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C3 AI Suite

The C3 AI Suite™ is software that uses a model-driven architecture to accelerate delivery and reduce the complexities of developing enterprise-scale AI applications. The C3 AI Suite enables organizations to deliver AI-enabled applications faster than alternative methods while reducing the technical debt from maintaining and upgrading these applications.
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C3 Anti-Money Laundering

C3 Anti-Money Laundering™ is an AI-enabled, workflow-centric application that uses comprehensive machine learning techniques to reduce false positive alerts while increasing true Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) identification. The C3 Anti-Money Laundering application improves investigator productivity with intelligent case recommendations, automated evidence packages, and advanced visualizations of key contextual case data, such as alerts, parties, accounts, transactions, counter-parties, and risk drivers. The application provides transparent, easy-to-interpret risk drivers for each money laundering risk score. Unlike rigid rules-based systems, C3 Anti-Money Laundering models are easily configurable and flexible, enabling intelligent adjustment to changing regulations and money laundering strategies. The application uses sophisticated machine learning techniques, including self-learning based on investigator output, to identify known and new typologies. Further, enhanced auditability features allow investigators and regulators to follow the lineage of suspicious behavior from source to SAR.
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C3 CRM™ is a real-time predictive customer relationship management (CRM) application that leverages real-time machine learning and AI to generate recommendations that drive operational excellence and profitability across sales, marketing, and customer service.
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C3 Energy Management

C3 Energy Management™ uses machine learning to help enterprises gain visibility into their energy expenditure and prioritize actions to reduce their operational costs. The application leverages advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model building operations, detect anomalies, predict energy savings opportunities, and help facilities managers take action in near real time.
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C3 Ex Machina

Visually create analytics and machine learning models with C3 Ex Machina™. Put incredibly fast data processing together with intuitive data exploration and machine learning tools, all in one workspace. Analyze, explore, and derive business insights quickly—all without writing a single line of code. Fuse together and visually explore data across multiple datasets to build smart customer segments, predict asset failures, and anticipate your future business needs. Apply the most advanced predictive algorithms to deliver the next level of business insights in minutes.
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C3 Fraud Detection

C3 Fraud Detection™ pinpoints patterns in event data streams that identify revenue leakage or maintenance and safety issues so investigation teams can act upon a single, continuously updated, and prioritized queue of leads.
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C3 Inventory Optimization

C3 Inventory Optimization™ applies advanced AI/machine learning and optimization techniques to help manufacturers reduce inventory levels, while maintaining confidence that they will have stock when, and where, they need it. The application dynamically and continuously optimizes reorder parameters and minimizes inventory holding and shipping costs for each part.
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C3 Sensor Health

C3 Sensor Health™ ensures the operational effectiveness of IoT devices and network infrastructure during both the deployment and the operational life cycle of IoT devices.
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