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App Management tools enable teams to manage all their apps in one place, saving time and money. 

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By Aido
Aido is a state-of-the-art interactive personal home robot with voice control. You can call Aido to you and give it commands. Aido has a set of powerful mics that let it listen to your voice, even in noisy environments, and a ball-based navigation sy...
Apploye is a smart time tracking and employee monitoring app that helps you monitor your employees. You can measure your employee productivity through activity level, daily and weekly timesheets, reports and random screenshots. Calculating billable a...
Cloud Management for Microsoft 365 automates control of security, configurations, and content, and replicates changes in real time. Get insight into environments with customized reports.
HarePoint Password Change for Microsoft SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, WSS 3.0 allows end-users to change their own password in a SharePoint site and notifies users when their password is about to expire. Simply add the web part to your Sha...
By GoTo
LastPass is a password manager available both as a browser extension and a mobile app. Create a secure master password and never worry about accessing your accounts, or leverage LastPass Identity with passwordless login experience for employees acros...
Xperia is a line of AI-driven and voice-activated smart products. Intelligent connected devices help you seamlessly manage both your work and personal life anytime, anywhere. Discover smarter ways of working with business apps on Xperia with email, ...
YellowAnt is an intelligent bot which helps you and your team to control all your favorite apps from one place. This increases your productivity and saves time. You can control your Development tools like Github, Bitbucket, Sentry; Google Apps such a...
Zenbo is an AI-powered robot that can understand when you ask questions or give commands, and speak back to you in a conversational voice. Zenbo is a real robot that moves around the home, and will take photos, capture videos, make video calls, or pl...
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