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Facebook eCommerce tools, or Fcommerce tools, allow marketers to create online stores and applications specifically integrating with Facebook.

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CodeBroker offers an omnichannel mobile marketing platform used by the nation’s top retailers to drive revenue and increase foot traffic via personalized one-time-use coupons, text message marketing, and a digital coupon wallet. ...
Facebook Marketplace is where people can discover, buy and sell things listed on Facebook. Businesses can use Facebook Marketplace to reach local customers. Access to payment processing and order management tools, real-time sales insights and many ot...
Gepard PIM helps brands, wholesalers and retailers to succeed in eCommerce by automating product data flows across various sales channels and internal systems. Most common platform users: * Ecommerce managers * Data managers * Content Managers ...
By Oxwall
Oxwall is a flexible and easy to use PHP/MySQL platform for retailers using Facebook. The platform relies on Oxwall plugins which provide complete units of functionality that can be used for various purposes.
ShopTab is a Facebook store app that enables users to sell products and services quickly to their fans, follows, and friends.
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