Click Fraud Protection

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Tools in this category monitor search engine PPC traffic, detect suspicious impressions, alert for Trojans and bot-generated traffic. The tools are designed to protect Pay-Per-Click advertisers from harmful click fraud, ensuring more authentic search engine data.

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Clixtell is a reliable and powerful automated click fraud protection, user friendly software, enabling you to secure your Google Ads & Bing Ads budget by constantly preventing click fraud activity.
ClickCease is an ad fraud and click-fraud detection and protection service software. Our anti click-fraud service protects Google Ads and Bing by using our industry leading detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically. ClickCease protec...
ClickGum is a web-based tool that allows you to track and optimize your traffic to prevent click fraud.
Improvely is conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring software. Improvely identifies the source of every signup or sale on a website, monitors each click for signs of suspicious activity, sends alerts against potential click fraud, and makes it...
PPCSecure is a click fraud detection solution. It monitors your ads using an exclusive click-fraud prevention algorithm, places offenders' IP addresses into your IP Exclusion list automatically, and even tracks the time each user spends on your site ...
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