Click Fraud Protection

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Tools in this category monitor search engine PPC traffic, detect suspicious impressions, alert for Trojans and bot-generated traffic. The tools are designed to protect Pay-Per-Click advertisers from harmful click fraud, ensuring more authentic search engine data.

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Clicklab is an enterprise-class click fraud detection solution that monitors an organization’s PPC search engine traffic, applies a series of statistical tests to detect fraudulent click signatures, and flags visitor sessions that are suspicious.
By Impact
Forensiq uses machine-learning and advanced bot fingerprinting to identify and block ad fraud so you can eliminate costly, ineffectual marketing spend and keep your inventory safe. Impact's determined team of data scientists continually innovates tec...
Fraudlogix's fraud dectection suite protects online advertising from various types of fraud including false impressions, clicks, leads, and sales. This product can help online advertisers authenticate traffic for more reliable data.
Improvely is conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring software. Improvely identifies the source of every signup or sale on a website, monitors each click for signs of suspicious activity, sends alerts against potential click fraud, and makes it...
Merchant Protector is a software suite that provides fraud protection for online merchants.
By Zvelo
zvelo’s AI-based contextual categorization systems generate massive data sets that significantly enrich data management platforms, improve online advertising and ad targeting, provide brand safety and support web filtering and network security offeri...
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