Social Gamification

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Social Gamification tools enable marketers to create campaigns for social media leveraging sweepstakes, games or contests. Tools may include features for analytics or posting games on websites.

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Contest Factory is a contest building platform designed to engage customers with online games, polls and contests that are integrated with social media.
DeepMarkit Social Campaigns are gamified digital marketing campaigns that organically engage with your social followers by turning them into email subscriptions and purchasers. Easily post and share your gamified campaign on any social media channel....
ShortStack allows users to create lead-generating campaigns like sweepstakes, contests, surveys, and more through Social Media, Mobile, or Web.
The Strutta Promotions Platform runs Contests and Sweepstakes across multiple social web channels. The platform can run a Facebook Sweepstakes to gain more fans and grow an email database, or a run a Microsite Photo Contest to build engagement with c...
Tabfoundry is a visual drag-and-drop editor to build Facebook tabs. The campaign builder enables users to drop in an image or an entire gallery, drag videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and others, create their own forms from scratch, increase engagement wit...
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