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Social Media Engagement tools enable marketers, at scale, to engage with and build relationships with prospects, influencers, members of the public or communities at large.

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By Abovo
Abovo is a social email solution that allows you to send or forward any email, receive your link, and share it online.
AddThis is a collection of mobile-ready, easy-to-install website widgets that are designed to drive engagement through action. Involve users with Share Buttons, Follow Buttons, Recommend Content Buttons and more.
AddToAny is a universal platform for sharing content on any social media site.
By Amity
Amity Social Cloud is a complete suite of pre-built features to enable in-app social experiences and fuel user engagement. Easily add all the most loved social features to your digital platform, à la carte.
AppAction is a professional sharing and analytics tool for Instagram. AppAction Share automatically creates beautiful, native posts which link directly back to Instagram. Increase engagement and followers by 20 to 30%.
  Compare is a social media engagement tool that allows you to easily personalize messages, asks, and ads based on what your members are doing and saying across the social web. features plug and play CRM integration.
Automated Marketing Campaigns is a full-featured marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. The easy to use tool automates lead generation, nurturing and management, email campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and customer ...
Bee-On is an audience engagement platform from It's a one stop system for total audience engagement that includes tools for real-time graphics rendering, social management and moderation, dynamic polling, competition management, personalise...
Chirpify converts social actions into loyalty rewards, including rewarding your own employees for brand advocacy on their social networks. The Chirpify platform collects insights on consumer social identity, demographics, and other first party data, ...
ClickToTweet offers easy "tweet about this" links to use on your website, blog, emails, and press releases.
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