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Conduit Innovation

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Agency Overview
CONDUIT takes a thorough 360-degree approach to optimizing the cohesiveness of your marketing, sales + IT operations. We believe that organizational connectivity is key to strengthening your company’s brand + achieving business objectives. We know that choosing the right technology and extracting the maximum value can be a daunting task. We believe in the right technology tool set for the job, at the right revolving cost. We want technology to enable the success of our Clients not prevent it- as it often can.
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Services Overview
We provide services ranging from business Intelligence to understand the marketplace, the customer and the internal stakeholder assumptions about the business at large to Technology Consulting, RFP Writing, Vendor Sourcing, Vendor Management and Ongoing Integrated Reporting.

Technical Proficiency

We believe in finding the right tool for the job while being agnostic in MarTech platforms by devising plans to ensure Marketing, Sales and IT are aligned, empowered with data and operational.
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Products and Services

CONDUIT Business Intelligence

If your bottom line is retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones; Conduit’s Business Intelligence Services is right for you. Conduit conducts extensive research in order to present business executives with a network of variables, data analyses and competitive insights that translate into opportunities gained, not lost. CONCERNS WE ADDRESS * ARE YOUR CUSTOMER ACQUISITION COSTS RISING? * IS THE SALES PIPELINE UNPREDICTABLE? * HOW CLOSE DO SALES + MARKETING WORK TOGETHER? * IS THE MARKETING FUNNEL PERFORMING POORLY?
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CONDUIT Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Conduit will take a granular look into your sales performance metrics and work with your Sales Team to establish an effective Sales Plan that is realistic, obtainable and measurable. We don’t teach your employees to sell; instead, we engage in matchmaking. We get to know both your salespersons and your products and services, and successfully overlay their individual advantages to your overall sales goals.
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CONDUIT Marketing Strategy

CONDUIT solves for the unknown. CONDUIT will evaluate your marketing initiatives and establish the baseline that depicts your current market footprint and strategic impact. Through our process, CONDUIT will ensure that your marketing dollars align directly with your customers’ needs, wants, and motivational triggers.
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CONDUIT MarTech Consulting

If Technology is restricting you rather than making your life easier, let us analyze it. We know that sales and marketing technology is hefty spending, which is all the more reason to engage us to analyze your existing platforms and how you use them, examining capabilities and options, and to ensure that your platforms communicate effectively across all departments.
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CONDUIT Ongoing Integrated Reporting

CONDUIT provides customized reports in order to scale the performance of each 3rd party vendor into one, singular dashboard; allowing you access to clear, measurable, easy-to-read data that prioritizes information in accordance to the established performance metrics.
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CONDUIT Ongoing Vendor Management

CONDUIT establishes the continuity of your marketing plan from the top-level strategic decisions to the execution of marketing plans at all levels of your organization toward the end goal of deepening your relationships with existing customers and acquiring new customers. CONCERNS WE ADDRESS: * DO YOU HAVE TOO MANY VENDORS TO OVERSEE AND NO TIME? * DO YOUR VENDORS COLLABORATE TOGETHER TO ENSURE INTEGRATED STRATEGY + VISION? * ARE YOU ABLE TO DRAW MEANINGFUL INSIGHTS FROM YOUR REPORTING?
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CONDUIT RFP Consulting and Vendor Sourcing

CONDUIT offers RFP Process Consulting Services in order to ensure that you select the best and most cost-effective 3rd party vendors for your business. CONDUIT will help you to find vendors that will provide integration, connectivity and organizational alignment amongst all departments of your business.
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