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Lviv, Ukraine
Agency Overview
We are a trusted digital and technology partner. We provide high-quality outsourcing solutions in web and mobile development, 3D. AR/VR, UI/UX, QA and BPO. Our team knows how to deliver innovations both to startups (including YCombinator backed companies) and enterprises like TetraPak, VirginMobile and Dubai Airports.
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Products and Services

3D modelling for Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves is a US-based clothing brand striving to provide customers with “amazing breathability, moisture wicking and über comfy fit”. The company has always been taking much care of their online presence. Once they questioned themselves how to optimize the web presentation of new collections. Regular updates require good visual content. This means each time hiring photographers, models, retouchers, make-up artists to organize a photoshoot and then upload it online. The process is both time and money consuming. As a solution it was offered to make 3D realistic models.
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Dynamic geo-targeted content for Virgin Mobile marketing campaign in Dubai Airport

Virgin Mobile is an international wireless communications brand. In 2017 the company was aiming to conquer the UAE market which had already been oversaturated. To win loyal clients, they needed a comprehensive marketing campaign with dynamic content to be shown at the biggest media platforms, airports and billboards in the country. Devabit was chosen as a major team player responsible for technical implementation of the campaign. We created a unique interactive content customized depending on where the client is from. Besides, our engineers implemented online location tracking of the SIM-card delivery.
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E-learning platform for Steezy (Android and iOS apps, desktop)

Steezy is a LA-based e-learning platform for dancers. The team was striving to become a universal tool for a dance community to learn new moves from the world-known professionals anywhere and anytime. With no personal contact possible, the company was still aiming to make the experience full and realistic, so that all techniques and instructions were clear. devabit team created versions for web, Android and iOS to make the platform accessible for everyone. We provided lessons with a 360° view. This option allows dancers to see every single detail both in front and back. We also enabled the service with online community space where users can get feedback and track their progress.
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