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Digital Pi

Dallas, Texas, United States
Agency Overview
Digital Pi is composed of marketing and technology experts focused on helping companies get rapid, meaningful value from marketing automation and related digital marketing technologies.
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Products and Services

Marketing Automation Services

Digital Pi leverages the native capabilities of the Marketo platform, enabling a predictable approach to process, design and optimization of marketing automation. Digital Pi's work enables forecasting demand from a bottom-up approach by determining baseline funnel metrics and tactics; Lifecycle Modeling to unify lifecycle stage definitions and transition points to align sales and marketing; Improving process for lead response and tracking along with improving your company’s understanding of Marketing’s impact.
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Omega is the first performance management application for Marketo. Omega gives Marketo users insights that help them correct problems, improve performance and insightful metrics for marketing operations. Omega produces insightful information that you can’t easily get out of Marketo such as performance bottlenecks, scoring trends, buying journeys, and ranks the health of your instance.
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