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ITA Group

West Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Agency Overview
ITA Group creates and manages events, incentives and recognition programs that align and motivate your people
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Products and Services


AMP maximizes customer loyalty and drives results with customized wholesale distributor incentives.
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Awards Experience

ITA's Awards Experience helps you reward great performance with truly motivational awards and a combination of strategic and personalized award selections. Their engagement metrics to help you target maximized motivational appeal.
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Channel Incentives

ITA's strategic Channel Incentives build channel partner loyalty, trust and brand advocacy by transforming the way your channel partners connect with your brand.
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Market Research and Analytics

ITA's Market Research and Analytics help you harness the power of data-driven insights to motivate and build lasting connections with your customers, employees and partners.
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Optim is an incentive travel solution that inspires a lasting emotional connection between your audience and your brand—the kind of connection that moves your people to continue pushing the limits of what’s possible. A custom combination of compelling earning structures, proven engagement tactics, one-of-a-kind travel awards and thorough program analysis allows ITA to create incentive travel programs that connect the dots between your challenges and your objectives for long-term success.
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Sales Incentives

ITA's strategic Sales Incentives inspire sales team motivation by transforming the way your sales team connects with your goals. Their robust suite of capabilities empowers salespeople to more meaningfully connect with your goals and your brand—in a way that drives all-new results.
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Service and Support Incentives

ITA's strategic Service and Support Incentives transform the way your service and support teams connect with your goals, generating a stronger customer experience, enhancing brand exposure and driving profitability and revenue.
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SHIFT is an event management solution that provides seamless strategy and flawless execution for events, so the audience remembers the brand and the message.
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Strive5 is a whole-employee solution for stronger employee engagement and more powerful business results. ITA's exclusive, scientific method of motivation determines the best blend of motivators that’ll resonate with your employees. So if they’re inspired by feelings from within or by the prospect of gaining something in return—or a mix of both—your employee experience vision will become a reality.
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