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360 Degree Cloud Technologies

Faridabad, Haryana, India
Company Overview
360 Degree Cloud Technologies launches contemporary Salesforce® applications which can help you save time and money.
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Products and Services

Lead Conversion App

360 Degree Cloud Technologies' Lead Conversion App provides the primary benefit of converting a Lead. Through a converted Lead you can easliy track, manage and maintain an effective customer relationship and get the opportunity to close a deal. Upon conversion, the created Account, Contact and Opportunity can be used in various ways for implementing custom business solutions.
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Merge Duplicates App

360 Degree Cloud Technologies' Merge Duplicates App allows you to Search and Merge duplicate records on objects (Lead, Account and Contact). It can narrow the results by adding filter criteria, identify the Primary records and seamlessly merge the related records. The App also gives you the facility to set schedules, so that the CRM is duplicate free without any human intervention.
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360 Degree Cloud Technologies' SMS App allows you to communicate with your business contacts through Salesforce. The app requires no technical knowledge to set up and features an easy user interface.
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Verify The Email

360 Degree Cloud Technologies' Verify The Email App enables you to verify, correct and check the reliability of email addresses in no time. Cleanse your customer and lead lists at point-of-entry.
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