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3i Infotech

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Company Overview
Incorporated in 1993, 3i Infotech ( is a public global Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation.
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Products and Services


3i Infotech’s Financial Crime Detection and Management Solution (AMLOCK® – FCDMS) is an integrated web-based Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime detection and management solution to suit the requirements of Banks and Financial institutions. The solution is compliant with KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Suspicious / Regulatory Reporting of the AML framework and assists the institution in detecting and managing suspicious transactions.
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CRM Solution from ORION

The CRM Solution from ORION provides efficient opportunity management to enable you to identify products with the highest growth potential, and facilitates customer management by identifying customers with the highest value. It empowers organizations to create customer-centric business strategies and ensure open collaboration among all stakeholders.
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Commercial finance companies worldwide use Factor/SQL™ to manage portfolios, analyze risk, track commissions, ensure compliance, and boost revenue. This intuitive, easy-to-implement, Windows-based factoring suite helps factors of all sizes overcome business challenges and manage processes efficiently.
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Kastle Asset Liability Management

3i Infotech’s Kastle® Asset Liability Management (ALM) is a multi-currency ALM solution for banks and financial institutions, offering extensive data management capabilities for accurate information gathering and analysis. With a powerful suite of analytical and reporting tools, it facilitates efficient liquidity and interest rate risk management, enables strategic decision-making and alerts users against potential deviations.
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Kastle Core Banking

Kastle® Core Banking Solution is a customer-centric, end-to-end core banking solution that facilitates a wide range of core banking operations and enables efficient handling of large transaction volumes.
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Kastle CRx

Kastle CRx is a comprehensive financial analysis and risk rating tool that allows financial institutions to accurately assess and monitor a borrower’s credit worthiness. Its configurable framework captures, analyzes, projects and models financial and non-financial details of a borrowers allowing for speed and consistency of analysis across the organization bringing tremendous business benefits.
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Kastle Factoring

Kastle® Factoring is a web-based, platform-independent solution that enables business transformation with efficient, integrated management of the various assets involved in the receivables finance business. This multi-currency system with international language support enables receivables finance institutions to help clients address key business issues like centralizing business operations, using resources optimally and leveraging technology investments via a comprehensive suite of receivables finance tools. It focuses on critical business issues like flexible product offerings, increased business volumes, rapid transaction turnaround and straight-through processing. The solution assures enhanced business efficiency, optimum productivity and maximized profitability.
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Kastle Internet Banking

Kastle® Internet Banking opens up a window of services and features to end-customers. This can easily integrate with any Core Banking Solution or specialized Lending Solution to help your organization derive the best out of your IT investment. Kastle® Internet Banking takes your organization closer to its customers reinforcing their commitment and vision to make banking more simple and transparent. Banks and financial institutions in India and the Middle East have successfully implemented Kastle® Internet Banking for generating leads and servicing their customers.
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Kastle Risk Management

Kastle® Risk Management is an effective web-based market risk management solution that enables implementation of Risk Control and Mitigation initiatives. With the objective of incorporating the latest of developments in the area of market risk and banking regulations, Kastle® Risk Management is a very comprehensive package which offers a plethora of tools at the disposal of the Risk Manager. The ability to arrive at well-informed and well-guided decisions is made much simpler by the analysis done using Kastle® Risk Management. Kastle® Risk Management system has presence in South Asia, APAC, Middle East and Africa.
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Kastle Treasury

Kastle® Treasury is a leading, integrated flagship treasury management solution used by financial institutions worldwide to meet their treasury business objectives. Kastle® Treasury has been successfully implemented across geographies to a diverse spectrum of customers. Growing demands of modern treasury requires dealers to invest into diversified instruments to optimize liquidity and maximize profits. Kastle® Treasury supports diversified instruments to ensure the treasury does not lose investment opportunities due to lack of application capability. Configurable product definition engine supports creation of instruments by attaching appropriate attributes.
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Kastle Universal Lending System

Kastle® Universal Lending System is a comprehensive solution for banks and financial institutions that provides an environment whereby a Bank or a Financial Institution can, through a centralized database and a fully browser based application software, integrate the different touch-points in the supply chain for loan processing. It is targeted at significantly improving the process efficiencies of banks and finance companies that are engaged in Retail, SME & Corporate Financing. Kastle® ULS is used by several banks finance organizations across the world from Asia Pacific to Africa with a leadership position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and significant presence in Africa.
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Mfund Plus

MFund® Plus Suite, 3i Infotech’s Investment Management solution, is a comprehensive, multi-currency enabled web based application designed to provide a powerful automation tool to various financial institutions undertaking Fund Management activities.
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ORION Cart is a turn-key ERP-integrated B2C solution that seamlessly links the full stack of services from back-office expertise to customer-facing front-end capabilities. Its evolved and highly flexible range of features and tools gives you a strong grip over the customization of your online store to perform to its fullest potential.
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ORION Enterprise Suite

ORION Enterprise Suite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that includes Financials, Procurement, Manufacturing, Contracting, Project Management and Sales.
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ORION Financial Management System

ORION Financial Management System gives you a comprehensive solution that streamlines and unifies your entire financial management process to maximize profits and ensure financial stability.
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ORION HRMS & Payroll

ORION HRMS & Payroll takes care of training, compliance, recruitment, payroll, benefits, leave management, end of service, appraisal, promotion/transfer, and time and attendance. ORION further manages trip expenses, company provided items, and disciplinary behavior management. The solution tracks, manages, and analyses your employee data, and can be deployed on-premise, on cloud, and is available on a mobile app.
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ORION Mobile ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution that allows for enhanced customer service, reduced inventory cost, and efficient business transactions across diverse users and geographies.
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PREMIA® E-Portal is an interactive, insurance-specific Web portal solution that helps insurance companies enhance service levels, cut costs, and increase sales capabilities. With comprehensive administrative and CRM functionalities, seamless integration with the PREMIA® suite, and an online payment gateway, this end-to-end, bilingual solution electronically bridges the gap between insurance companies, channel partners, customers, employees, and other external entities.
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PREMIA General Insurance

PREMIA® General Insurance is an end-to-end integrated insurance solution that enables seamless processing and delivery of insurance products. This dynamic bi-lingual and multi-currency solution can be deployed with any third-party BPM, DMS, BI, or CRM solution and easily adapts to any business requirement.
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PREMIA Group Life Insurance

PREMIA® Group Life 11J developed on java platform is an award-winning end-to-end solution that enables life insurance companies to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment. With a powerful suite of inbuilt tools for all insurance operations from underwriting and claims processing to financial accounting, this dynamic bi-lingual and multi-currency solution dramatically cuts costs and time-to-market with innovative process automation, delivering long-term benefits.
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PREMIA Health Insurance

PREMIA® Health Insurance has been built explicitly to provide systems support for health insurance businesses that wish to exploit the opportunities and cost savings brought about by the digital age. PREMIA® Health Insurance has been designed from the outset to operate across multiple product lines (Hospital Cash Plans to Group Medical Insurance Plans) and multiple distribution channels (direct telephone, direct internet, broker, broker extranet and branded partnerships or white labeling).
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PREMIA Life Insurance

Developed on the latest Oracle platform, PREMIA® Life is an award-winning, end-to-end solution that enables life insurance companies to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment. With a powerful suite of inbuilt tools for all insurance operations from underwriting and claims processing to financial accounting, this dynamic bi-lingual and multi-currency solution dramatically cuts costs and time-to-market with innovative process automation, delivering long-term benefits.
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PREMIA Pension

PREMIA® Pension supports group pension, individual pension, provident fund, immediate/deferred annuities, define contribution/benefits and holds configurability for or similar products. PREMIA® Pension solution can keep abreast of these trends and address challenges will create opportunities to develop their business and broaden relationships with existing clients.
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