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ACF Technologies

Asheville, North Carolina, United States
Company Overview
ACF (Advanced Customer Flow) Technologies specializes in improving and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and best-in-class user experience for B2C organizations. ACF software solutions are related to scheduling, queuing, and managing customer interactions.
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Products and Services

SENSE Survey

SENSE Survey is part of ACF's "Customer Xperience Feedback" product line. it's an interactive tool that gathers customer feedback on products and services, measures the quality and provides easy-to-read metrics.
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ACF developed Wayfinding as a solution to an often overlooked aspect of Customer Xperience Management. Customers become frustrated wandering in search of their target destination. Wayfinding is an interactive tool for helping customers navigate a retail space, or other facility such as resorts, hospitals, colleges or large enterprises with multiple buildings and departments. This software, combined with any number of non-proprietary hardware options, provides clear direction and simple navigation. .
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