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San Jose, California, United States
Company Overview
AI-powered conversational engagement software. Acqueon's AI-driven conversational engagement software enables sales, marketing and service organizations to engage in meaningful, emotionally connected, open dialogs with customers that yield much greater results. Your organization will maximize the potential of every conversation by utilizing next-best-action intelligence across every communication channel to increase sales, improve collections and rescue otherwise-defecting customers.
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Products and Services

Acqueon Engagement

Acqueon Engagement is a platform for conversational marketing enabling contact centers to launch outbound campaigns. Acqueon Engagement tools a multi-channel approach across voice and digital channels.
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Acqueon Identity

Acqueon Identity is a tool enabling customers and brands to identify each other. Acqueon Identity uses the biometrics checks of mobile devices and the secured communication channel of a business’s mobile application to enable a brand to identify itself when calling a consumer.In addition to receiving branded notifications of an upcoming call, the customer can use the mobile app to verify the authenticity of the message or request to callback at another time. Acqueon Identity leverages authentication mechanisms already in place to avoid the introduction of new targets for hackers and to enable rapid deployment.
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