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Ad Reform

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Company Overview
Ad Reform is passionate about preserving the online media industry’s dominant business model, advertising. Over the last few years, this model has been threatened by poor user experiences caused by ads, leading to a rise in ad blocking usage. Ad Reform is a heavy consumer of digital media, and believe it’s incredibly important to preserve great journalism and entertainment. They also see too many manual tasks in the process to deliver ads and would like to automate those so that publishers, exchanges, and agencies can focus on impactful issues threatening the industry.
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Products and Services


Ad QA scans your ads across key UX metrics to identify and resolve issues before you kick off a campaign.
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Ad Reform Screenshots

Ad Reform's Screenshots solution automates your ad screenshots. Ad Reform is 5-10x faster than capturing screenshots manually. Generate hundreds of screenshots at once with their one-step CSV import.
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Ads.txt Pro

Ads.txt Pro allows you to monitor ads.txt files, find errors before files go live, and get notified in Slack.
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