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Paris, France
Company Overview
AdBack helps you monetize your website by displaying respectful ads to your users.
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Products and Services

AdBack Ads

AdBack Ads is an ad block mitigation tool that serves display native ads to Adblock users. Using a partner network, AdBack will serve prospects native or contextual advertising, or will use this flows to fill blocked ad placements or in addition to your existing placements.
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AdBack Data

AdBack Data analyzes your adblocker users and makes the most of your data. Identify up to 5 adblocker user profiles, from the most reluctant to the most open to advertising, and adapt your actions to their expectations.
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AdBack Direct

AdBack Direct allows you to display your premium and autopromotion campaigns to your adblocker users. Target all adblocker user profiles, from the less reluctant to the most open to advertising with quality and high-valued campaigns, and increase your inventory by 30%.
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AdBack Experience

With AdBack Experience, by displaying a custom message, propose alternative solutions to advertising to your most accepting adblocker users in order to access your content.
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