Ad Block Mitigation

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Ad Block Mitigation tools detect ad blockers and automatically seek alternative methods to deliver advertising via a number of platforms.


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Deliver the best experience for your adblock visitors by providing transparent choices – so they can support the content they love. Set up multiple campaigns to target ad-blocker users. Track your ad-blocker users’ behavior, and measure your return-o...
Admiral Adblock Recovery is an advanced platform for publishers to measure the impact of ad blockers, showing deep insights into revenue losses compared to efforts to recover the lost revenue.
By Zelto
AdRecover is a user-friendly solution to recover lost revenue due to adblocked traffic. With one line of Javascript, you can set up AdRecover on your website to unlock ad delivery to site visitors who are using ad blocking extensions. AdRecover never...
Blockthrough's Accelerated Ad Reinsertion (AAR) technology helps online publishers recover revenue they're losing to adblockers while addressing the real-world concerns of consumers annoyed by unwanted, intrusive ads that have a negative effect on th...
ReviveAds is a suite of free ad block mitigation extensions programmed to bypass ad blockers, increase click-throughs, impressions, and general ad visibility. ReviveAds recovers ad block revenue from ad blockers and ad block add-ons for Safari, FireF...
Secret Media is a patented encryption platform built to restore adblocked impressions for video.
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