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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Company Overview
Allocadia is software designed to make an organization’s marketing planning process more efficient and more strategic. Users can create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with their company’s priorities. Users can also forecast and track the ROI from their plans. The cloud-based solution helps marketing teams of any size collaborate to create and manage global budgets in any currency without the need for spreadsheets.
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Products and Services

Allocadia Marketing Performance Management (MPM)

Allocadia Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is a single comprehensive solution for managing marketing efforts with a focus on ROI. Allocadia MPM enables business leaders and marketing teams to create, collaborate and share campaign plans that align with big picture company priorities. User-friendly, drillable insights dashboards enable marketers to track marketing actions right from the start, analyze results snd impact of campaigns, and make smarter decisions on where to spend their next marketing dolllar.
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