Marketing Performance Management

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Marketing Performance Platforms are all-in-one software solutions that enable marketing teams to efficiently manage all aspects of marketing performance across multiple channels, at multiple stages of the customer journey.

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Allocadia Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is a single comprehensive solution for managing marketing efforts with a focus on ROI. Allocadia MPM enables business leaders and marketing teams to create, collaborate and share campaign plans that al...
Anaplan for Marketing is a platform for marketing performance management. Anaplan helps teams predict and optimize the impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketers can plan campaign spending and assign resources that most move the bottom...
By Beckon
How’s marketing doing? Sure, we’ve got spreadsheets stuffed with impressions, clicks, likes, TRPs and every other metric, but what we need is true omnichannel insight. How well is marketing driving the customer experience end to end? Where are things...
CCH Tagetik is a unified performance management platform featuring budgeting & planning, modeling & forecasting, consolidation & close, management reporting, disclosure management, and analytics reporting.
By Hive9
Hive9 Marketing Performance and Attribution allows you to select the best attribution model from their stable of industry best practice options that fits your organization's needs.
Longview is a Corporate Performance Management platform, empowering organizations to maximize performance and make quick and informed decisions. Longview elevates planning, budgeting, forecasting, tax reporting, analytics and financial close from dat...
RainGage is a digital marketing diagnostic tool, offering a 360-degree view of an organization's digital marketing presence, from site architecture and spelling to social media and SEO.
By Simple
Simple is a web-based marketing performance management platform that enables enterprise marketing teams to create, prioritize, collaborate and execute marketing campaigns on time, within budget and on brand.
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