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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Cloud4Wi offers Volare, an open cloud-based guest Wi-Fi service for shopping malls, retail and restaurant chains. Volare uses existing Wi-Fi networks to provide on-site customers high performance Wi-Fi, while pushing marketing messages and gathering customer insights. Available in over 80 countries, Volare connects over 45 million mobile users across 15,000 locations.
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Products and Services


FogSense is a USB-powered, plug-and-play Wi-Fi sensor easily mounted anywhere within a brick and mortar establishment, providing proximity marketing and analytics management through a personalized dashboard. FogSense helps track first-time and repeat visitors, duration of their stay, activity and much more.
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Retail and other brick-and-mortar establishments can use FogSpot right out of the box to provide free Wi-Fi to in-store customers, collect information to build a marketing database, create and send promotions and coupons to customers on-site or through emails.
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Volare is an open and cloud-based multi-region, multi-level and multi-role management guest WiFi service for shopping malls, retail and restaurant chains. Volare integrates with CRM, marketing automation platforms and other systems, transforming guest Wi-Fi into advanced marketing, audience segmenting and analytics.
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