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Paris, ‎Île-de-France, France
Company Overview
ContentSquare is democratizing the use of UX data in online businesses.
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Products and Services


ContentSquare is a digital experience insights platform that helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. The Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capability combines both Speed Analysis Synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) to give brands a complete diagnosis of speed and user interaction, including Core Web Vital metrics – allowing businesses to better understand the impact of website speed on customer experience and conversions, and to improve website performance accordingly.
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CS Insights

CS Insights helps you proactively identify the most critical issues on your website and prioritize optimization efforts by business impact. Don’t spend hours on every page or watching countless replays, let CS Insights automatically put the most valuable items right in front of you. Deepen understanding of insights and resolve issues faster while aligning everyone on the team around the right improvements that generate the best results. CS Insights allows you to contextualize behaviors and unlock a deeper understanding of how and why customers are interacting with the content on their site, as well as helping you better detect frustration along the customer journey and prioritize the right optimizations.
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