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Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Conversable is the enterprise-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for designing, building, and distributing AI-enhanced messaging and voice experiences across multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and many others.
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Products and Services


Automated responses in conversational interfaces are a valuable complement to customer care teams. AQUA responds instantly to answer questions and efficiently deliver the next generation customer service. Much of what users want to know happens to be available in some form inside your enterprise already. AQUA’s powerful language processing allows us to recognize and respond appropriately to common queries. These responses are tuned over time with machine learning within the Conversable system.
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Conversable’s platform exposes an API Interface needed for the conversational model and enterprise client. In some cases, Conversable or a partner builds connectors to the legacy systems necessary to deliver the data needed to respond to various conversational requests while conforming to the API specification. The Conversable API Interface can grow and change as new conversations and nodes are requested by users and the client.
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ICE allows you to create your conversational flows exactly the way you want. Each component represents a part of the conversational experience your users will have. Browsing through your flow from the canvas is an intuitive way of navigating your conversational flow, from text to media to path splits. Easily find that part of that you wanted to edit via the preview.
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