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Cougaar Software

Vienna, Virginia, United States
Company Overview
Cougaar Software is a leader in Intelligent Decision Support. Cougaar helps organizations enhance their current capabilities by allowing them to make more complex decisions faster, with greater confidence, and with full consideration of the available data. Our innovative systems give you a clear advantage over your competition by helping you to understand complex environments and quickly make mission-critical decisions with confidence.
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Products and Services


ActiveEdge is an intelligent decision support platform built on the Cognitive Agent Architecture (Cougaar)—an open source, distributed agent architecture. ActiveEdge provides all the power of Cougaar and includes key extensions to simplify application development, increase agent functionality, and provide enhanced system capabilities. ActiveEdge is designed to automate the human reasoning processes to provide advanced narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to some of the worlds most challenging problems – transforming massive amounts of data into usable knowledge and ultimately, timely and effective decisions. In addition,
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