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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Company Overview
Crobox helps eCommerce brands understand and act on their shoppers behavior in real time. In short, it's a persuasion profiling technology. They build unique profile data making use of consumer psychology and machine learning. Based on a strong combination of user, product and contextual data, Crobox predicts which persuasion principles do and don't work for each individual visitor.
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Products and Services

Crobox Customer Intelligence

Crobox Customer Intelligence is a tool to enable marketers to see you how different customer segments behave on a website.
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Crobox Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic Messaging is a customer communication tool enabling retailers to improve the customer experience by communicating product messages that are most likely to resonate with shoppers. With Crobox’s AI engine, product messages will be personalized to the individual needs of every shopper. Our technology analyzes contextual data profiles to determine which product to highlight and the best message to promote.
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Crobox Product Intelligence

Crobox Product Intelligence enables customers to gain insight into a product’s attributes and behavioral characteristics that are most sought after by shoppers. Crobox’s Product Intelligence provides actionable insight into what your customers look for in your products.
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Custom Badging

Crobox's Custom Badging allows retailers to promote products when, how, and where you want. Launch multi-region or language campaigns with the click of a button. Create messages and translations for the products you want to put on display. You decide where, when, and how these badges are shown.
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