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Cross Pixel

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Through exclusive partnerships with hundreds of leading eCommerce, transactional and informational web sites, Cross Pixel has grown into a powerful audience targeting technology company. Cross Pixel provides fully transparent, high-performance audience data harvested from over 8 billion data points per month on over 450 million active web surfers.
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Products and Services

Audience Calculator

Audience Calculator is Cross Pixel’s proprietary audience building tool that enables an advertiser to create dynamic, custom audiences based on the unique online behaviors of their target customers. With Audience Calculator, gain insight into the browsing behaviors that are most relevant to your brand, build a target audience using those insights and optimize your audience in real-time based on actual campaign performance. The technology simplifies the process of creating complex audiences that are unique to each advertiser and is moving the real-time advertising industry beyond static, undifferentiated audience segments. Audience Calculator improves the performance of audience targeting by scoring the online actions of each individual user.
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Audience Cooperative

Audience Cooperative offers sites with a focused audience the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through targeted off-site ad placement. The program makes web sites' audience data available to advertisers to utilize for targeting in their real-time display advertising campaigns.
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Cross Pixel

Cross Pixel is a suite of tools and a proprietary data management platform (DMP). Cross Pixel harvests, organizes, markets and distributes audience and identity data for over 5500 sites and owners, enabling publishers, eCommerce sites, and data owners to generate incremental revenue streams from programmatic advertisers, analytics services and attribution companies.
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FirstParty is a display advertising solution that integrates a clients' first party data with Cross Pixel's third party data to execute targeted advertising in real time across multiple digital channels.
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