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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
CrowdOptic specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) technology that uses real-time sensor data from electronic devices as well as its own patented technology to enhance broadcasting, security, social media sharing and advertising. CrowdOptic technology includes sensor data smoothing, EXIF data mining and focal analytics. CrowdOptic is a first mover in HPE's Edgeline Appliance Program, where HPE collaborates to help others create turn-key solutions for Edge compute and OT convergence in the IoT and the Intelligent Edge.
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Products and Services

CrowdOptic Interactive Streaming Platform

CrowdOptic Interactive Streaming Platform is IoT-driven crowd behavior analytics and live streaming technology. CrowdOptic integrates multiple video feeds with IoT sensor and biometric data in order to track real-time shifts in crowd focus and momentum. CrowdOptic layers video, line of sight data, and device sensor analytics over maps to reveal where the crowd is looking right now, in real time. CrowdOptic can help optimized the in-venue experience for fans, sponsors and event organizers.
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