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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Company Overview
Delacon offers 20 years of expertise in telecommunication technology solutions designed to support media agencies, marketing professionals, direct marketers, SME and enterprise businesses. The Delacon global call tracking and management solution integrates with CRM, marketing automation, affiliate program management, proposal and pipeline management and more.
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Products and Services

Delacon Call Tracking

Delacon offers local and toll free call tracking numbers in many international countries. These numbers are competitively priced and are generally used in conjunction with the additional features associated with a call tracking solution.
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Speech Analytics Module (SAM)

Delacon's Speech Analysis Module (SAM) allows you to analyze customer calls in real time with the support of an AI engine that follows key words and phrases. Categorize calls into sales, support, billing, or complaints, and use that data to drive marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.
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