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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Company Overview
Our proprietary technology measure key digital KPIs being: Viewability, Audience demographics, Attribution. The data collected is analysed, and presented either on a 24/7 dashboard or can be ingested into dashboards/platforms. As the KPIs are collected from the measured single impression/url level, all the data is comparable, giving new KPIs such as viewability in target audience segment, and best performing networks to achieve attribution etc. For the Research part - is that as we are connected to consumer panels, we work with real opted in data, and brands can undertake market research at anytime.
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Products and Services

DigitalMAI Business Analytics

The DMA Institute Independent SaaS Enterprise Solution is designed to bring full transparency to the digital media measurement and effect validation.
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100% ABC Viewability Accreditation

DMAi scored 100% on Viewability Accreditation with ABC UK part of UK Govn Initiative

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