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Carmel, Indiana, United States
Company Overview
enVista is a leading global consulting and software solutions firm enabling enterprise commerce for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and omni-channel retailers.
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Products and Services

Digital Commerce

enVista's Digital Commerce solution allows you to develop and push live seamless, robust, easy-to-create, and scalable eCommerce sites in minutes that drive sales and maximize ROI. Multiple design templates allow you to customize your online store, synchronize with your physical store, enable processes that increase checkout speed and order accuracy, and offer multiple fulfillment options. From search to purchase to delivery, enVista’s digital commerce platform delivers the fine-tuned experience your customers expect.
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

enVista’s EDI solution makes data management, routing, scripting, and translation between partners simple. EDI drives value to your company and its trading partners. enVista’s single platform solution manages and orchestrates data across your supply chain in a way that is both simple and cost-effective.
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Order Management System (OMS)

enVista’s OMS, built on a flexible integration framework, provides the solution that is the answer for today’s retail leaders. Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales with a next generation, cloud-based omni-channel order management system (OMS) with enterprise inventory visibility – essential to gain a single view of customer, items, orders, returns and payments.
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Point of Sale (POS/mPOS)

enVista's POS/mPOS makes it possible to enable seamless buy, fulfill and return anywhere experiences for your customer by providing a single view of the customer, inventory, order, item and payment across the enterprise.To this end, theirPOS/mPOS solution enables your store associate to manage multiple sales transactions on a single receipt, making the omni-channel sales and returns experience seamless for your customer.
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Product Information Management (PIM)

enVista provides a cloud-based PIM that rapidly integrates with your existing systems, including order management (OMS), e-commerce solution, and Point of Sale (POS). Their PIM solution is simple to use, easily integrates and effectively manages an item and all of its attributes across your omni-channel organization.
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Unified Commerce Platform

enVista's Unified Commerce Platform rapidly integrates with existing systems to deliver seamless customer experiences and reduce total cost of ownership. Rapidly unify omni-channel commerce and deliver seamless brand experiences, all on a single platform.
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