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Euclid Analytics

San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Euclid Analytics specializes in local marketing performance metrics, featuring a cloud-based analytics tool that provides answers and insights for brick & mortar stores. The platform helps retailers quantify marketing's offline impact, collect the data needed in order to optimize store performance, and gain deeper understanding of customer behavior.
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Products and Services

Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect is a Wi-Fi-based platform that empowers brands to market more effectively and personalize in-store experiences. Through the use of smartphones, existing Wi-Fi and a single visitor login, Euclid Connect enables businesses to build a relationship with their patrons and influence the path to purchase.
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Euclid Insight

Targeting the retail marketing, Euclid Insight uses an existing WI-Fi network to sense the non-personal Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones. This raw data is then aggregated, analyzed and automatically turned into valuable insights.
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Euclid Traffic

Euclid Traffic provides people counting technology coupled with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. By sensing the Wi-Fi signals emitted by shopper smart phones, Euclid tracks how shoppers move through the store, how long they stay and how frequently they return.
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