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Eulerian Technologies

Ile de France, France
Company Overview
Eulerian Technologies is the French leader in the analysis and real-time optimization of e-marketing operations. Thanks to their innovative Customer Data Platform and their long-standing collaboration with major advertisers, the firm has become a benchmark of their market. Based on an exhaustive data collection system, Eulerian marketing suite combines powerful Web Analytics and Attribution solutions with a DMP (Data Management Platform). This unique technology enables users to centralize, analyze, manage and activate their data in real time. Advertisers boost the performance of their marketing campaigns while improving their ROI at the same time.
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Products and Services

Eulerian Customer Data Platform

Eulerian Customer Data Platform is built to unify the Customer Journey. It identifies interactions within online campaigns, with other publishers and across devices. Eulerian CDP supports segmentation of customer data with each interaction, excluding customers from segments as their profiles evolve, allowing marketers to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.
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