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Cospicua, Malta
Company Overview
FlippingBook provides software & cloud services for creating and storing professional online publications with a page flip effect.
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Products and Services

FlippingBook Automation

FlippingBook Automation makes it easy to convert PDFs into digital product catalogs, brochures, and ebooks, even when you have thousands of them. Automate PDF to HTML5 conversion and deliver a great reading experience at scale.
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FlippingBook Online

FlippingBook Online is a web publishing service for converting PDFs into interactive digital flipbooks. Customize your flipbook, brand it with your logo, and share with clients as a direct link. Then, you can track how they interact with your content.
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FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Publisher is a digital publishing solution for Windows. Turn your PDFs into engaging HTML5 publications with a realistic page flip effect, branding, interactivity, and intuitive navigation.
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FlippingBook Salespal

With FlippingBook Salespal, your sales documents are always available in one app—and they’re always up-to-date. Your team can access the most relevant version of a product catalog or a sales proposal the moment you update the content.
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