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Berlin, Germany
Company Overview
Glispa is a mobile ad tech company. They are dedicated to empowering their partners with sophisticated solutions that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with target audiences and for publishers to monetize their apps. Glispa is a MarketGroup company.
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Products and Services

Glispa Connect

Glispa Connect (formerly Avocarrot) is an enhanced, programmatic ad exchange – easy-to-use and built specifically for mobile app monetization.
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Glispa Create

Glispa Create (formerly justAd) is an advanced self-service platform that helps users boost ad performance by creating engaging ad formats without any prior coding knowledge.
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Glispa Discover

Glispa Discover is a powerful platform that connects mobile network operators and manufacturers with their customers in the mobile ad space. Featuring a UI that makes powerful tech accessible, it gives you the tools to launch targeted, event based push campaigns and customize your own apps.
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Glispa Perform

Glispa Perform is a performance management solution built to drive mobile engagement to acquire high-quality users, cost-effectively and at scale.
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